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The pond now has a Razer comms chat, message me for details!
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Welcome to Pond Dwellers!
Well I thought it'd be good to post something like this, don't let it get you down though the server is mostly only filled at primetimes.

Day (5 minute averages):

Week (30 minute averages):

Month (2 hour averages):

Year (daily averages):
Times are PST/PDT.


CrazyBubba Web Admin posted Jul 27, 13
After twenty minutes of typing generic questions, the recruitment page is now fully operational!

If you are planning to join the community or apply for admin, please click the "recruitment" tab from now on to submit an application.  Additional questions may be asked by administrators.

Time for some Infected Wars!

The Flying Frog Web Admin posted Jul 6, 13
I've gotten permission from one of the founders of DarkerGaming, Doubleedge. to advertise their server here, since it'd not be economical for PD to have its own IW server currently.

This is one of the little-known and old but amazing gamemodes in Garry's Mod, which is very skill-oriented but easy to jump into. It's a class-based battle between a zombie army (With guns, yay!) and a human one similar to CSS (Teams are actually called Special Forces and the Undead Legion)

Here's the server IP:

Join us!
As you may or may not have noticed, the TTT server is mostly empty.  Why has this happened?  Have people moved on, or is there another reason?

Well... There are several possible reasons.  Lets look at some of them:
1.  Garry's update broke (or completely removed) many of our balances and weapon setups.
2.  The Steampipe update makes all episode 1 and episode 2 content unavailable in our server, meaning popular maps like borders are filled with purple checkerboards and error signs.
3.  The combining of these issues and other issues that have sprung up makes people less likely to play.

This is just a short list of the issues our server is experiencing.  All I can ask people is to bear with it for now.  I'm working on the weapon balances at the moment, and I'll start looking into the content issues.  If you come across any problems, have any suggestions, or need something looked at, please post here, or message me on steam. 

Please reconsider posting any resignation posts because of server downtime.  I can't stop garry, not even valve can now (Thanks Steampipe!).  The server needs active admins again, if anybody could put the time out to just sit in the server for awhile, it'd help a fair amount.

Thank you for reading, and I hope we can improve the server up to the average player's standard.

ZackDFG I'll get in the server as much as I can. I check it everyday anyway so why not sit in it for a little bit. Thanks for do ...

A Simple Invitation

The Flying Frog Web Admin posted May 17, 13
If you all remember the nostalgia that is Star Wars: Battlefront II, you are invited to play it with other PD members (it's available on Steam.) Just join the teamspeak and ask around if you want to play with us!

Shadowblazer Already got the game. So amazing let's get it on!
patsfan365 someone should set up a battlefront 2 party some time.
Rossalofagus if someone is generous enough to buy it for me... i would love to ...
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